Indonesian Export Channel

The Indonesian Export Channel was created on October 8 2020 by Ronnie and Yusril, according to the IEC tagline, namely the Open Source Exporters School is a free learning community from and between members for export activities.

Welcome to IEC!


Collaboration as strength
for big requests.


Analyze system weaknesses
payment and delivery.


Looking at export opportunities from
buyer data and supplier data.


Threats in export projects
seen from the agreement.

We are supported by hundreds of experienced exporters, entrepreneurs, banking experts, legal experts and other stakeholders in the community who share knowledge.

IEC Class

IEC Class is one of the programs for novice and experienced exporters to attend classes export for free.

The purpose of this program is to collaborate between members and provide an understanding of export documents.

We Offer free education

We want to provide education and export materials in a free, structured and collaborative way to create hundreds to thousands of new exporters every year.

Community IEC


IEC has a structured supplier database.


IEC members have valid buyer data.


Premium Design

Hundreds of premium document designs for catalog creation, Company Profile, Proforma Invoice, Letter of Interest and offer letter are provided free of charge.



Sample documents and draft export agreements are also available at IEC to make it easier for members to carry out export activities.

Our Members